Ragin’, Full ’On

amazoncoverThe steady proliferation of clock in Bay Area communities is beginning to concern authorities. If unchecked, this societal scourge will subvert the moral fortitude of our most susceptible citizens. The only way to keep questionable literature out of the hands of impressionable innocents is to buy it all up your self!

Luckily, this is getting steadily easier as inside a broken clock: a modern fable by our dapper doppelgänger Román Leão has just been picked up by Amazon. Friggin’ Amazon!

For those of you who prefer to purchase your subversive literature at an ol’ fashioned brick and mortar—and no disrespecting the big A, that is most of us—watch this space! Books will soon be available at Blue Moon Comics in San Rafael and Bookshop Benicia in … well, Benicia. There will be readings and general frivolities to follow.

For all of you who have already bought a dose, thank you. If you find any extra time, please take a moment to write a review on Lulu and/or Amazon. Feel free to give it five stars, or compare it to War and Peace—only with decidedly less pages and Sasquatch instead of Russians. Or, you know, tell the truth.


As always, inside a broken clock is available straight from the source here:

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The great post-California metaphysical Sasquatch novel you’ve been waiting for!

IABC_Cover_spread.inddRomán Leão’s inside a broken clock is a mind- and genre-bending bio-fueled rocket sled of a book that asks, “what if time could be manipulated by a mysterious ancient apparatus and the devil was scheming to get his hands on the controls?”

Luckily, for all of reality, between the trickster and his prize stand a misfit collection of pot farmers, tree-sitting war veterans, wayward spirits, and a hidden tribe of Sasquatch.

Read the debut novel by a new powerhouse in literary science fiction, available now from Plastic Love Monkey Press.

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New author drops audacious debut

IABC_Cover_spread.inddThe linear progression of time is coming apart as two friends leave for the new state of Jefferson to become pot growers.

A veteran army of tree sitters occupies the last stand of old-growth redwoods while under their feet a battle between good and evil is brewing with dire consequences for all of reality.

A gentleman farmer mourns his departed wife when the devil appears and sparks a new resolve to rebuild his shattered life.

A wayward soul is reincarnated at pivotal points of California’s past, acquiring the experiences needed to help set things straight.

One word: Sasquatch!

Read the debut novel by Román Leão, available now from Plastic Love Monkey Press.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.