Out of Exile, on Main St.


BookshopBenicia2One had to be from the small Solano County town to call it Main St. in the first place, and sure enough, June 1st found our intrepid author right where he started—back in Benicia like a bogus $20.

A homecoming of sorts, Román Leão’s latest reading from inside a broken clock: a modern fable packed the independent Bookshop Benicia with friends, family, and lovers of quality independent literature of all stripes.BookshopBenicia4

The locally owned bookstore has provided town bibliophiles with their drug of choice since the early ’90s (that’s the Nineteen 90s for all you youngsters on the Interwebs).

A few years back, owner Christine moved the shop to an historic building across the street from the Old Capitol. Of California. That’s right, Benicia was the capital of the greatest state in these United States back in the ’50s (that’s the Eighteen 50s, long before the iPhone, Rolling Stones, or Civil War).BookshopBenicia3

You can find a book all about it at 636 First St.—as well as pick up a copy (or two) of inside a broken clock.

Read a book (or two). Your brain will thank you for it.

Photos by Tue Nam Ton


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