Preaching From the Quarterdeck

BlueMoon_PreachBlueMoon_ReadingLovers of fine literature and potent poetry packed San Rafael’s Blue Moon Comics the evening of Saturday, April 26 for the release of Román Leão’s inside a broken clock and Sam Shiffler’s Words Fell Out My Brain.

The North Bay shop has become a magnet for scenesters in the West End who turned out to meet BlueMoon_WhatDidHeSayartists who contributed to Shiffler’s book of poems and to hear Leão read from his debut novel.

After a collective signing of Words was well under way, Leão took the loft overlooking the long narrow space and regaled the crowd with bawdy tales of karmic misadventure. By the time he finished reading, there wasn’t a dry mind in the place.

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the event and to Alex Jane Head who took photos. Both books are available at Blue Moon Comics, located 1560 4th St, San Rafael, as well as on the Interwebs.

The next plaBlueMoon_Stacksnned event for inside a broken clock will take place June 1, 5:00 pm at Bookshop Benicia. Details to follow as we get closer.


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