San Rafael ’Squatch Sighting

I’ve been invited to read from the good ol’ metaphysical Sasquatch time-skipping bardo freakout as part of San Rafael’s LitQuake this Saturday. Come on down, I’ll be wearing my Román Leão mask; I’ll be masquerading (I think Bob Dylan said that). This from the Blue Moon Comics website:

An All-Day Festival of Books and Authors in Downtown/West End San Rafael
When: Saturday, October 11th, 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Where: Blue Moon Comics, 1560 4th St., San Rafael

We will be having people read from various books and Graphic novels.

Román Leão will read from his book, inside a broken clock.

Katherine Elizabeth will read from her book of poetry, Fairy Tale and Ferris Wheels.

Charles Yoakum (artist/writer/inker) reads from his comic, The Carnival.

And special guest comedian Mark Pitta will read from a selected comic book.

Check out the links below for more information!

Conquering The World One Awesome Bookstore At A Time

I popped into Whyte’s Booksmith in San Anselmo to pick up the copy of John Barth’s Lost in the Funhouse that I ordered in a weird postmodernist frenzy, and, low and behold, what intriguing novel by a local up-and-coming author did they have on the shelf? That’s right, Román Leão’s inside a broken clock: a modern fable! It looks right—all nestled up between T. E. Lawrence and Harper Lee. The three of them will have lots to talk about I’m sure.

First batch of “’Sup ’Squatch?” shirts waiting for you

screenThat’s right, the first pull of T-shirts for the Plastic Love Monkey Press Review a Book, Get a Shirt merch sling turned out better than we hoped. What merch sling you ask? Well, with close to 100 copies of Román Leão’s inside a broken clock: a modern fable floating around out there, it’s time to tell the world what y’all thought of it.

Review that bad boy on any book site—whether Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Powell’s, Goodreads, LibraryThing, we don’t care—go to squatch [at] and drop us a line with your shirt size, as well as someplace to send it, and BAM you’ll be sportin’ the latest in proto-meme literary finery. Get one and look awesome before the hipsters find out about it and wreck it for

As always, ask for inside a broken clock at your local fine bookery or you go here (hipsters welcome):

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Review a book, go to jail … no, that’s not right … get a shirt!

SupSquatchShirtWith inside a broken clock: a modern fable making its way out into the big world, it’s time for you, as part of the literary vanguard, to tell the unconverted just what you thought of it.

Now that you’ve become part of the swelling ranks of happy readers who have finished the book, everyone here at the Plastic Love Money Press home office has been wracking their brain for ways to entice you to take time from your busy day to post a review.

OK, that’s not entirely true, we’ve actually been enjoying these incredible evenings out on the porch with the dog, but that is where our best ideas come from, so dig this: post a review to Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, wherever, and we’ll silkscreen you a shirt!

All you have to do is send a link to your review, your shirt size, and someplace to send it to and we’ll do the rest.

All opinions accepted, even if you hated it … but it would be a shame if your shirt was accidentally printed upside down. Oops.

Out of Exile, on Main St.


BookshopBenicia0BookshopBenicia2One had to be from the small Solano County town to call it Main St. in the first place, and sure enough, June 1st found our intrepid author right where he started—back in Benicia like a bogus $20.

A homecoming of sorts, Román Leão’s latest reading from inside a broken clock: a modern fable packed the independent Bookshop Benicia with friends, family, and lovers of quality independent literature of all stripes.

BookshopBenicia4The locally owned bookstore has provided town bibliophiles with their drug of choice since the early ’90s (that’s the Nineteen 90s for all you youngsters on the Interwebs).

A few years back, owner Christine moved the shop to an historic building across the street from the Old Capitol. Of California. That’s right, Benicia was the capital of the greatest state in these United States back in the ’50s (that’s the Eighteen 50s, long before the iPhone, Rolling Stones, or Civil War).

BookshopBenicia3You can find a book all about it at 636 First St.—as well as pick up a copy (or two) of inside a broken clock.

Read a book (or two). Your brain will thank you for it.

Photos by Tue Nam Ton

Preaching From the Quarterdeck

BlueMoon_WhatDidHeSayBlueMoon_StacksLovers of fine literature and potent poetry packed San Rafael’s Blue Moon Comics the evening of Saturday, April 26 for the release of Román Leão’s inside a broken clock and Sam Shiffler’s Words Fell Out My Brain.

The North Bay shop has become a magnet for scenesters in the West End who turned out to meet artists who contributed to Shiffler’s book of poems and to hear Leão read from his debut novel.

After a collective signing of Words was well under way, Leão took the loft overlooking the long narrow space and regaled the crowd with bawdy tales of karmic misadventure. By the time he finished reading, there wasn’t a dry mind in the place.

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the event and to Alex Jane Head who took photos. Both books are available at Blue Moon Comics, located 1560 4th St, San Rafael, as well as on the Interwebs.

The next planned event for inside a broken clock will take place June 1, 5:00 pm at Bookshop Benicia. Details to follow as we get closer.